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Bryce – Secap 30K, 26K, 22K Transport Stall

Published: July 8, 2009

My Secap 30K will start up and print, and then suddenly, the transport speeds up, it misses a few pieces, then I get a transport stall.   Sometimes it will feed a few, not print at all, and stall.  I have cleaned the feeder and printer paper sensors.  If I move the belts by hand, it feels nice and smooth.  When it is running, the motor feels strong.  What else should I look for?

It sounds like you are having an issue with your transport motor encoder, not to be confused with the transport timing encoder.  If you remove the feeder and turn the printer on its front metal side, not the plastic side, you will see a panel on the bottom that can be removed.  Once you remove it, you may find some of your missing mailers and a ton of paper dust.  Start by
cleaning it all out, taking care of the wires and the disk on the back of the motor.  The disk and sensor on the back of the motor are most likely the cause of your problems.  Carefully take some compressed air safe for electronic sensors and clean it off the best you can.

Below is a photo of a new Pitney Bowes – Secap SA5300’s transport assembly removed from the base.  As you can see, they now have a sealed encoder on the back of the motor, not the original exposed disk and sensor, but hopefully, it helps you understand what we are referring to.

30k transport motor

The same basic idea also applies to the following Bryce – Secap units:  22K, 26K, 5300VT

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