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Bryce – Secap 24K-P Parts! Transport Belt – Sensor and more..

Published: September 17, 2015

Bryce Secap 24K-P Envelope PrinterThe Bryce – Secap 24K-P is known for being a workhorse in the direct mail industry!
But as you know it’s become very hard to find parts.

Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Bryce Secap 24K-P Parts

One of the few parts that wears out over time is the main feed / transport belt.
We have them and you can purchase them online by clicking here.

Be very careful when replacing the transport belt!  It’s far too easy to mess up the transport encoder when you go to remove the belt on the Secap 24K-P.
If you’re not sure how to remove it, please give us a call.
Here is a tip!  The allen key is normally under the cover next to the encoder. Don’t forget to put it back for next time.
Even if you know how to remove it, it is easy to damage the encoder wheel.
If you want to avoid downtime you can purchase a new encoder for the 24K here. It comes with the allen key, so don’t worry.
24K Encoder assembly

Need a sensor? We got them!  And it comes with directions on how to set the sensitivity.
24K Paper Sensor
Paper sensor the the Secap 24k-p

If you’re getting the replace battery error message, order a new battery below.
Secap Main Board Battery
Main board battery for legacy Secap - Bryce printers

If you having trouble getting it set up and printing, give one of our technicians a call 866-471-6764

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