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Bryce 30K manual – print head problem.

Published: May 10, 2010

Question: I purchased a used 30K and it did not come with a manual. Recently the red LEDs on two of the print heads have come on. One is continuous and the other is blinkiing. Without a manual I have no idea what this means. Can anyone point me to an online manual or tell me what my problem is?
Thank you

You can download a manual using the following link.

When the Ink Low LED indicator is blinking the Print Cartridges are nearly empty and have to be changed soon. Use the following steps to remove used or damaged Print Cartridges.


The printer calculates the amount of ink used by each of the Print Cartridges. When the red led on a Print Head Assembly starts to blink it is a signal that one or more of the Print Cartridges is less than 5% full and it must be changed relatively soon. After new Print Cartridges are installed the Ink Count needs to be reset to stop the red led from blinking.

This item displays the estimated amount of ink remaining in the print cartridge(s).

With the printer OffLine
Press the Menu key to enter the main menu, then press the + key till you get to “RESET INK COUNT” then press the ENTER key

Press the [+] plus or [-] minus button to scroll through the print cartridges 2,3,4,5 and 6. When the desired Print Cartridge number is displayed, press the [Enter] button to reset the percent ink to 100%.

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