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Breathe New Life into Older Equipment

Published: November 17, 2011

New: fresh or unused vs Refurbished: To make clean or renovate

Refurbished is often associated with used, broken or plain old “not as good as new”. This simply isn’t the case with mailing and tabbing equipment.

There have been no true advances in technology that separate an early model, fixed head, HP 45A Style inkjet printer from one released last year. Sure the colors have changed, the keypad may look fancy with LCD displays but the fact remains the machines are almost identical.

From print head to the transport assembly, belts, gears, and drive motors. Often you will find the same motors and assemblies from older units are identical to parts in the brand new right from the factory, the core technology remains the same. When you’re in the market for a address printer, tabber, conveyor or dryer give us a call and ask about our refurbished inventory. Why pay more and get the same?

Equipment Problems?

Don’t Allow Equipment Failures To Stop The Show! Equipment failures happen but there’s no reason to let them halt production. When a failure occurs call on your All For Mailers Team now offering over night and emergency repair services for all Accufast, Astro, Rena, Secap, Neopost, Hasler, Pitney Bowes, Straight Shooter, and Formax equipment. With over 20 years experience let our service team diagnose, repair, and get you back up and running again in no time.

Call : 866-471-6764 Now!

**We offer weekend and emergency service for urgent repairs and offer short term rental equipment for longer repairs!

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