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Asmarc anounces the Accufast ET Edge Tabber!

Published: June 4, 2009

ACCUFAST introduced its newest tabber, the ACCUFAST ET Edge Tabber at the ’09 MailCom Show in Atlantic City.

ACCUFAST invented and produced the ACCUFAST ET in response to the USPS’s proposed changes in tabbing regulations. The ACCUFAST ET applies tabs to meet the USPS specifications for self-mailers and will meet booklet tabbing regulations as well.

Yes, that is correct!  In the video below it is applying 1 tab to each side or edge!  Not the leading edge like KT, or KT2

The ACCUFAST mail preparation system shown at MailCom and the Postal Forum folds, tabs, addresses, bar codes and prints an advertising message in spot color on letter-sized mailers at over 10,000 pieces per hour. The ET tabber, when operated as a stand-alone machine, is at least twice that fast. These production rates require a consistent supply of tabs The ACCUFAST ET is supplied with 100,000 fanfold 1-inch circle tabs – 50,000 to each head. At the input end of the system, the ACCUFAST AF4 or AF5 paper folder holds 400 sheets of paper and can be reloaded in seconds. Addressing is done with any of several configurations of ACCUFAST print modules. The printer shown at MailCom carried a pair of 1.5-inch imagers over its variable speed vacuum belts.

The ACCUFAST ET, like all ACCUFAST modules, can be used in line with existing non-ACCUFAST equipment including paper folders.

Pricing for the ACCUFAST ET and its system components has not been announced, For more information on the ACCUFAST ET, its mail preparation system or on any ACCUFAST product, call 866-430-2874.

UPDATE!!  The Accufast KT1.5 Dual Mode Tabber is now available!

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