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How to Apply Postage Stamps to 25k-30k Envelopes a Month

Published: July 11, 2009


Hi. I’m looking for a low-cost unit to apply live postage stamps. I’m doing about 25-30,000 envelopes a month but I hope to increase that. Also, do you know what size rolls they come in? -Sharyl

Expert Recommends:  UPDATE – 05/06/2021  

We now recommend the All For Mailer Inc AFM80DT Low-Cost Postage Stamp Applicator” / Single Tabber!

And it comes with the added advantage that it will apply Stamps / Wafer Seals!  Unlike the Accufast XL.

06/2020 UPDATE!  Accufast closed making it a lot harder to get parts for the Accufast XL
Accufast XL Stamp Affixer

When it comes to applying live postage stamps and the monthly volume is below 100,000 the choice is clear.  The Accufast XL labeler is the best stamp applier for low to mid-volume users on the market.  It was originally designed to handle pressure-sensitive address labels but as people moved more towards printing directly onto the mailpiece it was retrofitted with a stamp roll holder/stamp kit and reintroduced as a label/stamp applier.  The Accufast XL is easy to use and requires almost no service due to its sturdy mechanical design.  I have sold over 300 and have had a tremendous experience with the unit.  It is also the least expensive stamp applier on the market. A new unit retails for around $4,200.00 and a refurbished one for $2,700.00 (call 866-430-2874 for a price quote and availability).  I can’t say enough positive things about it. If you want a high volume option, Check out the Postmatic Stamp Affixer. The Rena T-950 not only applies postage stamps, but it can also apply tabs, labels, even postage notes so you can get more done with 1 machine!

The postage stamps are available from the post office in rolls of 3,000 or more.

Just a little food for thought. If you are applying live stamps to increase your response you may want to consider precanceled stamps. They come in the same 3,000 roll size but have no denomination.  You can apply them the same way one would apply a postal permit number to their mailpiece. This allows you to presort your mail and pay the postage with a check when you drop it off.  Best of all you don’t have to have thousands of dollars in stamps lying around.  I hope this helped. If you need more information please call Toll Free: 866-430-2874.

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