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All For Mailers Remote Support and Setup for Envelope Printers

Published: March 22, 2018

With almost every printer sale we include Remote Support to help you get up and running as fast as possible!
Before calling for support please check for an email from your sales associate.
It should contain links to:

  1.  A video to help show you how to install the driver, Please watch it.
  2.  A link to download the printer driver.  Please download and install the driver.
  3.  A link to the manual for your printer.
  4.  If available a setup video for your equipment.

Please review the basics of your device before your remote support session. Example: How to set up to feed paper, How to purge the printheads, How to turn the printer on and offline, How to adjust the print head height.

We have videos to help you set up with Satori Bulk Mailer and with Microsoft Word with fixed head printers. If you are using one of these to print, lest your sales associate know and he will send you a link to the video.

To connect to your computer we will need you to go to: http://HelpForMailers.com

Type in your name and you will need a support key from your technician.
It will then install GoToAssist and allow us to see your screen and operate your computer.

In the rare event that we have trouble connecting in with that method, we will try connecting through Google Chrome and “Chrome Remote Desktop”.

  1. If you do not have Google Chrome installed, please install it. [Install Chrome]
  2. Then go to [Chrome Remote Desktop] Then click, Remote Support, then Generate Code.  Your technician will need this code.

One of the most common things people need to get a better understanding of is cleaning and storing printer cartridges.

In our supply store, in the Addressing Ink section, you will find a helpful guide. “Cartridge Maintenance and Storage Instructions” please take a moment to review it.
Cartridge Cleaning Kits with lint-free wipes recommended by HP can be ordered here.  Extra wipes 
All the cartridges in the “Addressing Ink” section, will work in your printer. They are the same cartridge with different ink formulas for different applications.
If you are printing on envelopes 2 of the easiest cartridges to work with are the basic SFM45 and SFM LDT.  SFM LDT stands for Long Decap Time.

Other helpful supplies/links:

For more information on what is available in our supply store check out Supplies & Parts

If you haven’t purchased a printer yet, give us a call at 866-430-2874 or you can read the following post to help guide you through the selection process Envelope Printers – What to look for or What is the best printer for envelopes?

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