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Address Printer for 20k-40k Postcards a Month

Published: July 10, 2009

Thinking_Question_MarkI’m starting a marketing program for my property management company and will be sending out 20,000-40,000 postcards a month. I’ve been told that I need software and an address printer. What would you recommend?  Equipment?  Software?  Please keep in mind I have a tight budget. -Stan

Expert Recommends: Rena Imager 1 Rebuilt Address Printer

Thanks for your question Stan. It sounds like you are making quite a commitment to direct mail.  It still is one of the most effective marketing tools and I will try to give you the most cost-effective recommendation to get it done.  You are correct in that you will need mailing software** and an address printer.  Let’s look at the software first.  If you are going to be working with the same list and format consistently you can go with a less expensive software package.

All For Mailers Inc sells software that caters primarily to service companies and it is pricier because it has an expanded database feature which allows the customer to import and export many different list formats and also do selection within the software. If your main need is to simply postal certify your list and then presort it you can consider a package called MyMaillist.  It is in the $200.00 range and will provide all the necessary reports and documentation you need to prepare your mailings for the post office.  All For Mailers doesn’t sell it but I have many customers who use it successfully so I can recommend it to save you from spending $1,000.00 or more for features you don’t require.

Now on to the address printer.  If you take a look at our site you will see there are over 30 different models available.  Most of them have prices that may make you rethink your decision to take the plunge into direct mail advertising.   For this reason, I would consider a refurbished address printer.  Based on your volume and the fact that you are using a postcard I would recommend the Rena Imager 1 refurbished fixed head address printer.  It is fast, user-friendly and because it has stationary printheads it has less moving parts than a shuttling head machine.  It will print the new intelligent barcode that the post office will require by year end (2009) so you won’t have to worry about having an antiquated piece of equipment in six months.  All For Mailers takes great care in refurbishing equipment for resale and all units include 90-day parts and labor warranty and a 1-year board warranty ( the most expensive part of any machine ). This unit coupled with MyMaillist will put your total expenditure at under $3,000.00 and give you the ability to increase your volume and your business.

** You could also purchase lists that are already prepared and ready to mail!  In this case, all you need to mail to your list is the address printer and a software package to design and layout and print the address on your mailer.

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