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Accufast XL Sensors: Cleaning and replacing

Published: November 28, 2017

The Accufast XL has 3 sets of sensors. Watch the video below to see how to locate and clean the sensors. 2 sets of sensors are on the head and 1 set on the base. On the labeling head, 1 set is for detecting the labels and another set for the take-up spool. To detect the label, the bottom portion is the flat pack Accufast XL Sensor, Head, 05-0107-00 Flat Pack and the upper portion is 05-0558-00, Accufast Photo Sensor LED. This sensor is also used on operators side of the take-up spool full sensor on the head.  The non-operators side is Accufast Photo Sensor, 05-0559-00. This is also the bottom 1/2 of the paper sensor while the upper portion of the paper sensor is 05-0558-00, Accufast Photo Sensor LED

Also see the following note before replacing sensors on the Accufast XLPLEASE READ BEFORE INSTALLING

When cleaning the sensors, most of the time you can just blow off the dust with an air duster that is safe for use with electronics like  Supplies For Mailers Non-Flammable Compressed Air. Or save $ and the environment and use an electrical duster like the XXL Duster.

For a parts breakdown of the Accufast XL Labeler Parts with links to order the parts online.

Some of the most common Accufast XL Parts:

05-0345-00 Take Up Spool C-Clip, Plastic

09-0551-00 Take Up Spool Gear

Belt, Round, .093, XL take up spool o-ring

02-1531-00 Wheel, Paddle, Bump Roller, FX, XL & Freehand Labeler

02-1531-00,Bump,wheel, Accufast, XL, FX, roller

Feed Roller, Tire, Gray 09-0556-00

Make the feed rollers last longer and grab better! SFM203 Rubber Roller Cleaner & Rejuvenator

For a complete list XL Parts.

The Accufast XL can apply labels or stamps but the must be machine applicable pressure sensitive labels designed to work with these types of machines.

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